The 4 “Rs” to Raising Confident Children

The 4 “Rs” to Raising Confident Children

Parents hope their children will grow up to be confident individuals. High self-esteem and a sense of self-worth is something little ones need to embrace from early on, so their confidence can build over time.

Some kids are born with their chins held high and the feeling that they can conquer the world. Others need direction, guidance, and support to teach them their value. No matter your child’s personality, they have potential. Confidence is the key to doing well in all sorts of situations from social relationships to schoolwork. As they get older and enter adulthood, this confidence will drive them in their careers, family life, and in their personal endeavors.

Here are the 4 “Rs” to raising confident children. When kids have their parents to show them the ropes, their confidence will climb!


A high-strung parent only makes their child anxious. While it’s only natural to worry about our kids, parents would benefit from taking a deep breath and backing off. There’s no need to breathe down your child’s neck in terms of schoolwork, sports, etc. Your child will feel more confident if you let them know how much you trust their decisions and dedication. This doesn’t mean you should be completely hands-off, but when you chill out, your child will feel the shift. They’ll be inclined to achieve because they want to, not because you want them to.


Many parents tend to focus in on what their kids do wrong rather than commend them on their accomplishments. We all make mistakes, so let it go and focus your energy on the good stuff. Kids won’t gain confidence by being put down or reminded of their failures. Confidence comes from learning from those missteps to make it to the next level. So, reinforce the positive things your child does, including how they’ve successfully overcome obstacles.

Rally behind

Be your child’s greatest cheerleader. No matter their interests or talents, when a parent is in their corner, a child feels more confident in their choices and capabilities. Your preconceived “plan” for your child may not be what they choose to do. That in itself is a sign of confidence. Now it’s your chance to rally behind your child and boost their spirits even further.


Even the most confident child can have their moments of doubt or insecurity. This is when a parent’s perspective can turn the situation into something positive. Remind your child of how far they’ve come and how much more there is to achieve. Talk about when they first picked up a tennis racket or a paint brush and how much better they are now. Show them test scores that went from Cs and Ds to As and Bs. When something goes south, kids can quickly forget how great they were before. A reminder from you will get them back on track and more confident than ever.

How do you instill confidence in your child? For more information like this, please return to All My Children’s blogs.

By: Melissa A. Kay



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