Teacher Appreciation Week

This month we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week.

All of our amazing teachers received the card below with a Gift Card to show our gratitude.  We greatly appreciate all their dedication and commitment during this difficult time!

Here is what the card said:

Dear Teacher,

Within the current circumstances, you have been taken out of your classroom, your usual routine, and were asked to teach remotely. You had to redo your entire mode of instruction. Diligently, you redid your curriculum, you learned Zoom and Google Classroom. You volunteered your personal time so that your students could continue learning, uninterrupted.

Thank you for giving of yourself every day. For your patience, commitment, and time. Lines have blurred as you spent countless hours learning, planning, teaching, and volunteering. Mornings turned into evenings, and evenings into nights. You continued to put together materials and plan innovative and creative activities for each week’s lesson. You went above and beyond what was expected so that your students can continue to learn. You have contributed to your student’s growth and curiosity for learning. You continue to make a difference in your students’ lives every single day. We are deeply grateful for your time, effort, and dedication. Thank you so much!

With Gratitude,

All My Children

Once things are back to normal, the teachers will be back in the classroom teaching like before. This experience was a learning lesson for us all, and in the end, we are stronger than ever.


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