Staying Healthy Amid The Pandemic

Now that we are quarantined at home, some folks find themselves eating more, especially unhealthy foods.

It’s understandable, as stress and boredom can lead to mindless munching.

Kids may go for the junk food too, especially if they see the adults indulging. Setting a good example is your duty, so take that last bite of the “bad stuff” and dig into something smarter.

While a treat here and there is fine, making a habit of eating poorly won’t lead to anything good. Sure, the instant gratification is enjoyable, but the aftermath has lots of negatives.

These tips will help you make better eating choices for yourself and the kids. Not only will you have more energy and a better immune system, but these eating habits will teach the kids how to make healthy decisions in the future.

Follow These Tips For Healthy Eating

Fill up on fresh fruits and veggies. Yes, it may be harder than usual to have these on hand, but when you do make that grocery run or schedule a food delivery, stock up on items that won’t go bad quickly. Apples and carrots are especially good choices as far as lasting a while. If the produce is about to go rotten, cook them or purée into a sauce. You can also use fruit for baking or smoothies. Freeze fruits and veggies too.

Ditch the soda. Empty calories are pointless. Drink water or seltzer instead. All that sugar wreaks havoc on the body, and diet sodas are filled with crazy chemicals. If you feel like something sweet, add some freshly squeezed citrus to your water. Low fat milk is a good option too, especially with breakfast. Herbal teas are delightful, and you can make iced tea as well for a more refreshing version.

Sit down for meals. When you tend to “graze” all day, it’s hard to determine how much you’ve consumed. The calories add up, and lots of them are sure to come from cookies, candies, and chips. When you enjoy a wholesome meal, you’ll be less likely to fill the void with snacks.

Keep the junk out of the house. If you don’t have the stuff around, you can’t eat it. Simple as that. Sure, keep a few favorite foods around for now and then, but don’t overload the pantry and fridge with “forbidden” foods. It’s just too tempting, and you’re bound to cave to your cravings.

How do you and your family eat healthfully at home?

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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