Simple Ways to Make Halloween Safer

Simple Ways to Make Halloween Safer

Halloween is almost here. Kids love to dress up, trick-or-treat, decorate, and carve pumpkins. With all the fun Halloween brings, there’s also the harsh reality that dangers lurk…even during times of joy. To be sure your kids are safer this season, follow these simple tips to ensure you’ve done all you can to make this Halloween not only festive, but worry-free.

Wear Reflective Clothing

When you pick out your child’s costume, find one that contains reflective material. Once the sun starts to set, your child will be more noticeable in the dark. If you cannot find a costume with reflective material, purchase stickers or sew-ons to redo the costume for safety and style. You can even go for a light-up costume. Not only will your child be safer, but their look will be a winner!

Trick-or-Treat with a Large Group

When it’s time to hit the streets to collect those Halloween goodies, the more, the merrier…and the safer. Be sure there are a few adults along for the ride and never let any child wander astray. When the kids get older, they may not need as many chaperones, but for the little ones, the more adults along for the fun, the less chance of anyone getting lost.

Host a Party

Why bother to head out to trick-or-treat at all? If you host a party, the kids will still have all the fun, collect their treats, and nobody has to worry about the potential dangers that exist outside on Halloween. Decorate your home with all the spookiest stuff you can find, turn up some Halloween-themed music, set out bowls of candy and chocolate, and play games with the kids. No one will miss the door-to-door trick-or-treating when all their friends are ready for a Halloween party at your place!

Check All Candy

It goes without saying, but sometimes we forget about combing through the candy. Be sure to tell your child not to eat any candy until you get home and you check it all. The treats are tempting, but safety comes before satisfaction. Thoroughly check the wrappers and even cut through the chocolates to be extra cautious. If something looks opened or iffy, trash it. You can always make up for the tossed treats by buying an extra bag of goodies as a backup that you know are OK to eat.

Have a safe Halloween and a fun time dressing up and doing your thing. What are your kids dressing as this year?

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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