Our professional teachers combined with an eco-friendly environment, facilitate the optimal growth and developement of the whole child.


How long has the center been open?

All My Children has over 12 centers throughout the metro NYC area and has been in business over 20 years. The Lower East Side facility is brand new and is scheduled to open Oct. 1st

What are your hours of operation?

We offer full day hours 8am-4pm with an early program beginning at 7am and a late program until 6pm for an additional fee

What are your fees?

Ages 3 months – 11 months Contact Us For Pricing
Full Days (M-F) Ages 12 months – 2 years Contact Us For Pricing
Extended Days (M-F) Ages 12 months – 2years Contact Us For Pricing
Full Days (M-F) Age 2 years Contact Us For Pricing
Extended Days (M-F) 2 years Contact Us For Pricing
Full Days (M-F) Ages 3-4 years Contact Us For Pricing
Extended Days (M-F) Ages 3-4 years Contact Us For Pricing



**We are currently offering scholarships

What is included in the tuition?

A healthy and organic breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided. We provide all learning materials for the students unless a special request is made by the instructor.

What is your teacher to student ratio?

Infant 1: 3
Toddler 1:6
Nursery 1:7
Pre-K 1:10

We currently have open availability in each age category and will have a waiting list available after the facility is filled. Students are grouped by age.

Can I have an example of a typical schedule and meal menu?

Of course! We have an example provided in the registration packet or upon request. Please note that the schedule is created by each individual instructor and will be given to the parents. A menu of meals will be provided monthly.

How safe are my children?

We are 100% licensed and certified by the Board of Health and NY State of Education/Charter School. Our entire staff undergoes a thorough background check, CPR and First Aid training. We have locked gates at all time, there is school safety patrol that circles the block during school hours. Everything has been inspected and is brand new. We sanitize the equipment daily with only eco-friendly solutions. We have a strict set of Rules and Regulation policy put into place to protect your child from anything that may occur.

What is your policy on bullying?

All My Children does not approve of bullying. We emphasize Responsiveness, Review, Reflection, Remove and/or Redirect, Reinforce/Reward.

Do you have an open door policy?

Yes, parents are always welcome and encouraged to come in when they would like. You are a pivotal part of your child’s growth therefore; we like to hear from you. We will stay in constant contact with you as well.

Do the children get exposed to outdoor activities?

We have a private, completely enclosed outdoor play area for the children to use. We want to encourage nature as a part of our curriculum and have even encompassed an indoor garden in the classrooms. Your children will develop the appropriate motor skills whether it be climbing, riding or building. We have a healthy balance of quiet and active time. Activities include, building, art, music, dance, reading and more.

What is the policy on immunizations?

As per the NY Board of Health all children must be immunized unless there is a religious or personal purpose, which must be approved by a Doctor. All forms will be included in the registration packet and must be signed and completed before admission.

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