Head Off with Happiness

With a new school year about to begin, many kids may feel the blues since summertime is coming to an end. Although fun in the sun will be replaced with lessons and learning, happiness is still very much part of the picture.

Part of making sure our kids are happy is to start each day with plenty of positivity and good energy. With a smile and sense of satisfaction, kids will set forth for a day that is full of potential and possibilities. As parents, we can set the tone for such valuable vibes, creating an atmosphere of excitement and thrills for what the new day beholds.

Here are some easy ways to start each school day with a little ray of sunshine. Your child will walk out the front door feeling empowered and enlightened; the perfect way to kick off the morning with that magic touch.

Make a Quick Breakfast Together

Kids love to create in the kitchen, but the mornings before school can be rushed. Still, there can be time to bond over breakfast by preparing an easy meal as a team. Perhaps you can prep overnight oats the night before and the kids can add all the tasty toppings at the breakfast table. Berries, chopped nuts, honey, and dried fruit will take the oatmeal up a notch, and they’ll feel like mini chefs! Serve with a glass of orange juice or milk and you’re good to go, filled with energy and good nutrition that will last ‘till lunch.

Notes in the Backpack or Lunchbox

Leave little sticky notes in your child’s backpack or lunchbox, so when they get on the bus or arrive at school there will be a loving message from mom or dad. Words of encouragement, silly jokes, kid-friendly poems, or cute quotes will give your child warm feelings of love and care. If you are short on time, a simple drawing of a smiley face is all your child needs to spread a big smile of their own.

Hugs All Around

No matter your child’s age, a send-off hug always makes them feel secure. Tweens and teens may act like they are “too cool” for this sort of affection, but just like the little ones, deep inside they yearn for the adoration and attention. Make it a daily ritual to give a tight squeeze every morning before sending the kids off to school. Knowing they are loved is a gift they’re never too grown-up to receive.

What do you do to add a hint happiness to your child’s day? We’d love to hear your “head off with happiness” tips, so we can try them too!

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By: Melissa A. Kay