Get Organized And Stay Sane!

With the kids at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, keeping any semblance of organization is not an easy task.

This new “normal” is anything but, and the kids need structure to adapt. Parents need it too, especially when they feel like they’re going to pull their hair out.

While you don’t have to go overboard with the strictness, there must be rules and regulations set in place, for their security and your sanity. Without the school routine to keep things in check, your household can get out of hand.

Here are some ways to get organized, even if it’s not your usual way of running things. In the current climate, we must make new ground rules and make accommodations when needed. The kids may need time to get into the groove, but it’s up to you to get things moving.

Get Started

These bullet points will lead you to a more structured environment at home, when the world seems otherwise chaotic. Your kids need the sense of security, and an organized home is the key to succeeding.

  • Bedtime rules apply

  • Get up early, as they would for school

  • PJs aren’t daytime clothes

  • Healthy meals, wholesome snacks

  • Schoolwork hours mean no playing or smart device use at that time

  • There’s still “homework,” so kids can retain the lessons

  • Get along with siblings

  • Chores are part of the day-to-day

  • Practice extra precautions with cleaning and disinfecting

  • Get out for fresh air, but practice social distancing

  • Keep the home tidy

  • No “all day” TV

  • Connect with friends and relatives regularly via FaceTime or Zoom

  • Social media and other tech time is limited at your discretion

  • The adults are in control, no options

The kids may think “no school” means a free-for-all. You know that’s far from the case, so get it in their heads that school is still in “session,” even if the learning isn’t in the classroom. Keeping up with education is essential.

That said, there’s always time for fun. Part of being organized means leaving room for relaxation.

How are you keeping your home organized these days?

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Stay safe and healthy!

By: Melissa A. Kay

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