first day of school

First Day of School 85th St. AMC

Look at those smiling faces at All My Children 85th St. The first day back to school was fantastic!

The first day of school: Some of the best things about going back to school:

Seeing your friends again

After a long summer break, it’s fun to see your friends again at school. You can play together, learn together, and just have fun together.

Learning new things

At school, you’ll learn new things every day. You might learn about letters and numbers, colors and shapes, animals and plants, and so much more. Learning new things is fun and can help you grow and develop.

Playing games and having fun

School is not just about learning. It’s also about having fun! You’ll play games, sing songs, and do other activities that are both fun and educational.

Being creative

At school, you’ll have the opportunity to be creative. You might draw pictures, paint, build things, and make crafts. Getting to be creative is a great way to express yourself and have fun.

Making new friends

In addition to seeing your old friends at school, you’ll also have the chance to make new friends. You’ll meet new people from different backgrounds and with different interests. Making new friends can help you learn more about the world around you.

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first day of school first day of school first day of school first day of school

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