Everyday Things You Can Do to Boost Your Child’s Vocabulary

Everyday Things You Can Do to Boost Your Child’s Vocabulary

As your child gets older, they will learn new words to add to their ever-expanding vocabularies. A broader vocabulary means more ways they can express themselves. Kids with larger vocabularies tend to do better in school. They also have more confidence in their communication skills. They can use what they know to excel in many areas of life. Not only in school, but socially, and eventually when they seek employment.

Here are some simple, everyday things you can do to boost your child’s vocabulary. Throughout the day, you can sneak in some teaching. It doesn’t seem like learning at all! Before you know it, your child’s vocabulary will be larger and more advanced. By next year, their vocabulary can double!

Use New Words

Many things can be described in various ways. There is more than one word for many items. Interchange the names and words and use new adjectives to describe things your child already knows. Repeat the new words and encourage your child to use them too. They will have more than one way to express what they want to say. It will give them flexibility and freedom to expand on their knowledge. Soon they’ll be communicating at a more advanced level.

Don’t Use “Baby Talk”

Many times, parents use “baby talk” when communicating with their little ones. Sure, it feels natural and sounds cute. But it doesn’t do much as far as helping their vocabulary grow. Use the proper words for things instead of made-up babble. Use your normal voice and talk to them as you would an older child. As your child gets older, you can start to use more words as they begin to understand their meaning. If you start with the baby talk, it will be hard to break the habit.

Read with Them

Reading to and with your child is a bonding and a learning experience. Books are entertaining and educational. Try to read every day, be it before bedtime, before school, after school, or at least on the weekends. Once your child is old enough, they can read to you or on their own. The love of reading can start early, even with picture books. Head to the library or bookstore to pick out some age-appropriate books and let the adventure begin!

How to you help boost your child’s vocabulary? For more information like this, please visit All My Children’s blogs.

By: Melissa A. Kay


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