Back-to-School Goals

Can you believe summer is more than halfway over? August is sure to fly by, meaning school season is soon to start. And with a new school year comes new opportunities. Goals to set and success to strive for. Before your child heads back to the classroom or attends for her very first time, setting goals to reach from the get go will inspire and encourage your little one to dream big. Starting off with a positive outlook and a plan of action will make back-to-school even better.

Make Learning Fun

Some kids dread hearing back to school because the fun of summer will end abruptly. But fun comes in many forms. One of which is learning. Books, lessons, and language are educational and entertaining at the same time. Assignments can be adventures. Homework is helpful. Studying is stimulating. And presentations reflect personalities. There is fun in gaining knowledge, learning new skills, and getting to the next level. Good teachers make lessons thought-provoking and powerful. And good students see the value in expanding their minds when they walk in the classroom every morning.

Do Your Best

One child’s “best” can be far different than another’s. As long as you encourage your child to work hard and work smart, she will aim to put her best foot forward to make every day count. It’s the cherry on top to get straight As and 100% scores on the very exam, but it’s unrealistic for most to be “perfect” at every turn. Learning is the goal with improvement little by little as milestones are reached lesson by lesson, test by test. Instill a “never give up” attitude and a drive to do well. Top grades are not the only feature of a great student but a job well done is a feather in anyone’s cap.

Make New Friends

Each school year opens the door to new friendships. While the old friends will be by your child’s side, encourage her to invite a new child to join in on the fun during recess or to sit by someone different at lunch. Kids of all ages can be shy or find it difficult to make new friends. Teach your child to set an example about inclusion and accepting others. The more friends, the merrier!

Have you set any back-to-school goals for your child? We’d love to share them with the AMC community. For more information like this, please visit All My Children’s blogs.

By: Melissa A. Kay