A Message from the AMC Staff – Preschool & Daycare Dept.

Dear Families,

All My Children is dedicated to supporting our children and families as they transition to the new year. We provide a transitioning plan to ease the process. Our staff is intentionally trained to respond empathetically and supportively. We implement curricular transitional materials and include parent participation in the process. Our focus is to address the universal separation experience and to tune in to each child. We ensure they are adjusting to the new environment and feel warmly welcomed into the classroom family. This may take time for some children and others adjust more easily, but each child’s journey can be facilitated as we work together.


Every day you and your child say goodbye to one another in the morning and hello again in the afternoon. These hellos and goodbyes are children’s first steps on a lifelong journey of learning how to separate from and reunite with the important people in their lives.


Learning to say hello and goodbye is a process and unfolds with time and supported experiences. We give special attention to hellos and goodbyes in our program because they are such a major part of your child’s life – now and always. Being able to separate is necessary so that children develop as confident and capable individuals. Learning to reunite is equally important.

How we can work together:

· Prepare Your Child. A prepared child is a calm child. Share what your child may expect and reassure your child you will be coming, or inform who will be coming, to pick them up at the end of day. Read books together that reflect the experience such as:

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg

Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney

· Never Leave Without Saying Goodbye to Your Child. It is tempting to leave quietly if your child is busy and not noticing you. By saying goodbye you strengthen your child’s trust in you. Your child knows that you will not disappear without warning. When you are about to leave in the morning, I will be happy to help you and your child say goodbye.

· Create Hello and Goodbye Rituals. A goodbye ritual might be as simple as giving your child a warm hug before you leave or a special tone of voice when calling your child’s name.

· Send in a Family Photo. We encourage you to send in a family photo as a reminder of home that we may keep where your child can reach them or see them and help your child feel connected to you throughout the day.

· Modeling Behavior. Ensure you model that you are calm and trust our teachers to be dedicated, caring, and helpful. Your child will take cues from your calm demeanor.

By working together, we can help your child feel comfortable secure and confident in our care.

Wishing you a healthy, sweet, and successful year ahead.

~AMC Staff