5 Lifelong Lessons Kids Learn in School

Another school year is in the books!

Since school’s out for summer, your children will be out of the classroom until the next school season starts. While we want them to have fun during their time off, there’s always time to reflect back on the lifelong lessons they learned in school.

Here are 5 that they can always count on. Keep them going all summer long…and then some!

Be Inclusive

Find a way to make everyone feel special. Never leave a child standing alone or feeling like they’re an outsider. There’s always room for one more, so be the person with the welcoming smile. The more, the merrier!

Listen Before You React

We often prepare our response before the person we’re talking with has even finished their point. Take it in, think about it, and react with a thoughtful contribution to the conversation.

Look on the Bright Side

Focus on the positive. Nothing will ever be perfect, but there’s usually something good in every situation. Having an optimistic outlook can make bad circumstances better.

Respect Others

Treat people with courtesy. Without respect for others, we cannot work together towards constructive communication and positive change. We don’t have to like everyone we meet, but they do deserve to be treated fairly and kindly.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Show appreciation and recognize a job well done. When a friend does something right, give them a pat on the back. Also remember to give yourself credit when you have accomplished something you’re proud of.

Do you have additional lessons that children can take with them throughout their lives?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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