Little Ways To Show You Care

We all obviously love our kids unconditionally. Saying the words straight to them rolls naturally off our tongues. We kiss and hug them, tuck them in at night, and provide a strong and soft shoulder to cry on. These demonstrations of love come second nature, and children find comfort in knowing we’re there for them through the good, bad, and in-between.

Along with the usual displays of our adoration, there are the subtle ways we can confirm our everlasting love for our children. There is no need for grand gestures when the most genuine acts are so substantial.

Kids don’t require a lot to know they are loved. Purity and simplicity can be just as moving as monumental moments. Here are some little ways to show you care. You’ll know you’ve made a difference when you see their eyes sparkle and smiles from ear to ear.

Some Quick Thoughts

Leave a sweet or silly note in their lunch box

Share a secret you’ve never told a soul

Steal a squeeze when they least expect it

Cuddle up on the couch on a cold afternoon

Make pancakes (at least once a week) instead of serving cold cereal

Give them a small gift for no reason at all

Compliment them on something they’ve been struggling with

Remind them why they’re unique

Give them five reasons why they are a good friend

Sing along to their favorite song

Do an impromptu dance party after supper

Sneak into their room while they’re pretending to sleep and whisper something loving in their ear

See, it’s the small things kids will remember when they look back at their childhood. Feeling special makes them know you truly value their individuality and personality. That said, there’s always room for as many “I love yous” as you can fit in every day.

How do you show your children you love them?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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