3 Reasons Spring is Special

3 Reasons Spring is Special

Alas! Spring is in full bloom. The weather is warming up and the winter coats get put away for another season. As the sun shines in the clear blue sky and flowers reveal their vibrant colors, we realize how much we’ve missed this miraculous time of year.

While there are thousands of reasons spring is spectacular, here are three which especially stand out.

Outdoor Play

Sure, kids love building snowmen and sledding, but before long it’s time to come inside to warm up. Too much time outdoors and those little hands, noses, and feet are near freezing. But springtime means the outdoor fun can last for hours, where kids can run around and be active. Those first few warm days have kids forgetting about video games and TV shows as they can’t wait to play with wild abandon.

Picnics in the Park

Warmer weather lends itself to dining outside under a shady tree. Pack up some sandwiches and other simple snacks and a midday meal is served. The temperature is just right for comfort – not too hot and not too cold. Even after school snacks can be enjoyed on the front steps watching the passersby.

Evening Walks

The sun sets later in the evening come spring, allowing families to take post-supper strolls through the neighborhood. This is a great bonding experience where parents and kids can catch up and connect. It’s also a nice way to slip in some exercise, something that’s important for everybody.

What do you love most about spring?

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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